Webinar: How to strengthen your sustainability strategy by introducing predictive maintenance on

Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Heat Pump systems

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What you will learn during the webinar

According to the Glasgow Climate Pact, an environmental agreement reached at COP26 (United Nations Climate Change Conference in Scotland in November 2021), the transition to green energy is not enough on its own! To mitigate the impact of global warming, the focus on energy efficiency needs to be increased.

Refrigeration,  Air Conditioning, and Heat Pump (HVACR) systems consume around 30% to 60% of many buildings’ total electricity. Based on our experience, it is possible to save 10% to 30% on energy usage with an effective maintenance and optimisation strategy based on real-time performance analysis. To reach these savings, it is vital to structure the work on how HVACR systems are commissioned, operated, and maintained.

During this webinar, you will learn how to implement predictive maintenance and energy optimisation to achieve significant energy savings and increased reliability. Which will lead to an improved sustainability strategy. 

You will also learn about:

  • Why the increased focus on sustainability will force companies to focus on sustaining performance in HVACR systems
  • The “unseen”  challenges with HVACR operations and the potential for energy savings
  • What predictive maintenance is and how to implement it on HVACR systems
  • How do you work with improvements in a real-life situation
  • What results can you expect from implementing predictive maintenance
  • How do you assess your own savings potential?
  • How and why energy efficiency and predictive maintenance is connected
  • Asset management to increase sustainability

Taking control over your sustainability strategy requires investment and a focus, however, the return on investment (ROI) is often short and the business benefits are substantial. 

We will hand out a checklist that you can use for your assessments of the savings potential during the webinar.

About the speakers

Niklas has been working with services and solutions for many years, helping organisations improve their business with leading technologies. Initially, he started in the IT industry, where the benefit of predictive maintenance is established. By changing to the HVACR industry, he now focuses fully on energy efficiency and helps companies to introduce predictive maintenance in their organisation. Which helps them save time and money. 
Roupen has been working in the HVACR industry to help implement performance analysing tools on existing systems, evaluate and find energy efficiency improvements, and establish predictive maintenance strategies through training and workshops.

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