Set the right maintenance standards for refrigeration and heat pump systems

The whole world is talking about sustainability, the last IPCC report struck like a bomb “again” – it is more urgent than ever to drive change. We have a decade to significantly reduce carbon emissions to prevent further warming and the inevitable Eco collapse that lies ahead if we don’t act.

The solution lies not just in expanding our electricity grids, driving electric cars, and going solar/wind, we need to make sure that the energy we use is used efficiently whether it’s green or not. This is not the case today. Many organisations believes that just because the energy is from the sun or wind, they can carry on consuming as normal.

Do you question performance?

The potential is still huge, and it is possible to save immense amounts of energy, by questioning performance! We are seeing savings of 10-30% every day in Heat Pumps, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration systems. Lowering the building’s total electricity consumption, 10-20% is not uncommon. But a change is needed!

Business leaders and property owners have a key role to play in delegating and initiating powerful new initiatives to their sustainability and property managers. Otherwise, the change won’t happen.

Heating and Cooling systems are rarely on the sustainability manager’s radar. These systems are usually “covered” by the technical functions in the organisation or external companies. Therefore, the focus is to keep the temperature at the right level, so that staff and tenants do not complain. The sustainability aspect is overlooked, because of the misconception that the right temperature is equal to good performance. Which it isn’t!

By continuously monitoring performance, it is possible to work with energy optimisation and introduce predictive maintenance. By doing this, the organisation will be able to achieve significant emissions reductions. Furthermore, it will save money on both service (fewer breakdowns), and electricity costs. By implementing performance analysis and predictive maintenance on e.g., Heat pumps and chillers it will be clear that reliability and sustainability goes hand in hand. 

With the information from performance analysis; property owners (COE, board members, sustainability and energy managers) will have documentation on how they have managed to reduce their emissions and at the same time reduce their costs.

Is your organisation ready to change?

The change won’t happen by itself! Property owners must demand the right documentation and actions to get the desired change, to achieve their sustainability goals. Good service is not about someone showing up quickly when something breaks down. Good service and customer value is about making sure it never breaks down and that the customer has a system that always runs energy efficiently!

Property owners/CEOs/sustainability managers need to demand documentation of energy and performance to enable optimisation and being able to follow up measures. Reports with good information on a regular basis to know how their facilities are performing. Today it is possible to measure on a continuous basis and analyse the data with modern solutions! And take decisions based on the information! It is not the technology that is holding us back.

Our question is simple, how much are you willing to pay, to keep on with “Business as Usual” and avoid change? If you haven’t demanded performance analysis, documentation of performance, energy optimisation and predictive maintenance, you probably don’t have it. Hence your organisation is wasting money, energy and fuelling global warming 365/7/24.

We can give you the key, but you need to open the door.

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