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The waste of food is a global environmental problem and failures, or lack of cooling is a part of the problem. A breakdown of the cooling system in a supermarket will lead to losses in valuable goods something anyone working with frozen or chilled food are aware of. It is possible to drastically reduce the failures, lower the energy consumption and repair cost by ensuring that the cooling and freezing equipment is operating at optimal rate.

By using the unique method that ClimaCheck has developed, it is possible to get detailed information about your equipment’s performance, something that is necessary to optimise it. A HVACR-system that runs efficient/optimal, will have fewer operational interruptions and therefore lower costs for destroyed food and products.

Energy savings after optimisation is usually around 10-30% and the system is much more reliable.

Case Studies Supermarkets : 

If you want to know more about how to minimise energy consumption, maintain energy efficiency and improve the performance of facilities heat pumps, chillers and air conditioning.

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