Hospitals need to have a reliable HVACR-system, a failure can have life threatening consequences. Analysing the system with ClimaCheck can reduce the risk of operational interruptions and all the costs it brings if equipment is destroyed.

ClimaCheck offers complete solutions for performance inspection, analysis and monitoring of cooling, freezing and air conditioning equipment and heat pumps. The unique method ClimaCheck has developed is very well suited for hospitals where these systems are important for the everyday function, where dehumidification, air conditioning and ice making often are major energy users. With ClimaCheck you will get  detailed information about how the equipment’s performance and ensure it runs cost efficient and minimise the impact on the environment.

A recent case is Banner Health with 28 hospitals in USA. As a part of their work to maximise energy cost savings, ClimaCheck have been used to optimise HVACR-systems. In Phase 1 (includes 10 buildings almost 400 000 m2), they are saving 3.8 million dollars on a yearly basis. And they have decreased the energy consumption with 14 million kWh per year this also correspond to 6375 Metric ton of CO2 (based on US average per kWh).

Banner Health Turnkey MBCx

More case studies:

McKay Dee Medical Center in U.S.

– 411,100 kWh/year
– $24,255/year


– 803,100 kWh/year
– $64,248/year

If you want to know more about how to minimise energy consumption, maintain energy efficiency and improve the performance of facilities heat pumps, chillers and air conditioning.

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