Heating and cooling usually stand for around 40-60% of a building’s electricity consumption. The costs for cooling, heating and ventilation is increasing and with raising focus on sustainability and energy savings, the importance to make sure the HVACR-system works optimal is getting more attention.

Analysing the HVACR-system with ClimaCheck makes it possible to optimise it and work with predictive maintenance to avoid failures. Savings after optimisation is usually around 10-30% and the system is much more reliable.

You have the opportunity to reduce your energy consumption and repair costs drastically by ensuring that your heat pumps, chillers and air conditioning equipment operates optimal. Improved operational reliability also leads to less losses in valuable goods and more satisfied customers.

By using ClimaCheck, you will get precise information on your system performance and how efficient your energy is used in real time. If the performance is changing in the system, ClimaCheck can send a warning to e.g. the facility management so they can fix the problem before it causes the system to breakdown.

Active energy optimisation efforts bring environmental benefits as well as improvements of the company’s public image.

If you want to know more about how to minimise energy consumption, maintain energy efficiency and improve the performance of facilities heat pumps, chillers and air conditioning.

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