ClimaCheck onsite

ClimaCheck onsite is a well proven platform to validate performance and troubleshoot refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems. Tens of thousands inspections has been made with this very robust and flexible system. ClimaCheck software will give you all the information to analyse virtually any compressor driven refrigeration process.

Key information available (in 30 minutes from a standard system) is:

  • COP, EER, kW/ton
  • System Efficiency Index (SEI)
  • Heating-, cooling capacity and power input, (volt, amps and power factor)
  • Energy consumption
  • Superheat and subcool
  • Compressor isentropic efficiency
  • Evaporator efficiency – Mean temperature difference – UA value
  • Condenser efficiency – Mean temperature difference – UA value
  • Cycle efficiency
  • Water/Air temperature in and out of condenser, dT, flow
  • Water/Air temperature in and out of condenser, dT, flow
  • And many more parameters

Information are presented in flow chart and available as tables and graphs.

With hundreds of ready to use templates, even for the most complex configuration, systems can be evaluated in detail to pinpoint any type of problems on the same level as advanced test rigs in a manufacturers facility.

As all the thermodynamic are pre-programmed and many years of experienced is behind the presentation and evaluation templates can be handled by technicians and engineers in the field. As no manufacturer data is required to do a thermodynamic evaluation of the process the method is totally unbiased and performance can be validated and benchmarked versus design and manufacturer data.

ClimaCheck onsite is a complete field measuring unit with software in a robust “Carry-on” size case with handle and wheels. The standard start kit is developed to allow measurements on any standard refrigeration, air conditioning or heat pump system.

For complex systems a wide range of sensors are available and any standard sensor with 4-20 mA or 0-10 V output can be connected. Sensors with Modbus/RS485 can also be integrated. For range of sensors please go to – Accessories

ClimaCheck onsite hardware can also be connected to ClimaCheck online through either a LAN or mobile Internet.

ClimaCheck offers a complete range of sensors and transmitters, both wired and wireless, making the system flexible to meet the need of most complex assignments.

For information and documents about ClimaCheck onsite Hardware:

Product Information – ClimaCheck onsite Hardware
Complete field measurement equipment with software in a rugged case with three compartment cases holding all sensors and most standard laptops.

Accessories – Learn more about the offered accessories to optimize the functionality and daily operations of cooling, air conditioning and heat pump systems.

Templates & flowcharts – Get more information about a large selection of templates for a number of different systems.

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