ClimaCheck online

ClimaCheck online combines the benefits of the ClimaCheck Method and the “cloud”. Using ClimaCheck online to continuously analyse and monitor performance of your cooling units, air conditioning units and heat pumps (HVACR-system). Makes it possible to optimise performance, decrease energy consumption and work with predictive maintenance.

The information can be presented in many levels from a System Efficiency index (SEI) dashboard to an in depth analyses for extensive troubleshooting and fine tuning of the system.

System Efficiency index (SEI) dashboard

Benefits with ClimaCheck online:

  • Enables Optimisation
  • Performance Analysis
  • Continuous monitoring of energy efficiency
  • System Efficiency Index (SEI)
  • Early warnings – If a compressor or heat exchanger performance fails, refrigerant leaks, or if the equipment’s “energy profile” changes adversely, ClimaCheck online automatically sends an alarm (email or SMS) regarding the changes
  • Makes it possible to work with Predictive Maintenance
  • Access to detailed information for any expert with username and password without risk for system integrity or IT safety.

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If you have a BMS/SCADA system, you might already have the data needed. By integrating with ClimaCheck online you can get the unique and needed analyse from ClimaCheck, directly in to your BMS/SCADA system to ensure system efficiency.
If your HVACR-system isn’t “connected”, it is easy to install ClimaCheck online hardware that can send data to ClimaCheck online.

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Documents about ClimaCheck PA Pro Fixed:Product Information – ClimaCheck PA Pro FIII Fixed

Manuals – EM24 DIN / EM210

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