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The key to energy efficiency

Refrigeration and air conditioning systems consume 20% of the world’s electricity, and the potential for savings is often 10-40%, with very small investment.

ClimaCheck offers complete solutions for Performance Inspections, analysis and monitoring of cooling, heat pumps and air conditioning equipment.

To reduce energy consumption, a clear picture is needed of how the equipment/system is functioning. Accurate analysis and troubleshooting methods are the foundation for optimising operations and minimising disruption. With the ClimaCheck method it becomes possible to measure the performance of cooling systems in a cost-effective manner.

ClimaCheck is used during the whole life cycle of the equipment – development, field prototype tests, delivery control, inspections, service and troubleshooting. The solution provides objective documentation of the total performance of the equipment, and also shows detailed functionality of all components. This provides you with a sound basis for adjusting and optimising the equipment, for reduced energy consumption and increased reliability of operations.

Benefits of ClimaCheck

ClimaChecks solution provide the following benefits throughout the entire life cycle of the equipment:

  •  Development of new products is faster since the effects of all design changes and adjustments can be seen and documented immediately during test.
  • The installation works better since the Contractor can verify that the system works according to the specifications, and that all subsystems interact in a good manner. This documentation can then be handed over to the customer who receives confirmation that they got what they paid for.
  • Performance inspections are smooth since they fulfill the requirements for inspection of air conditioning units over 12 kW that are part of the “Energy declarations”.
  • Facilitates preventive maintenance and service with a method for early detection of events that increase energy consumption and wear.
  • Facilitates troubleshooting when operations are disrupted by quickly finding the faulty component.
  • Provides information for decisions about energy optimisation of existing equipment or new investments in more efficient equipment. By correctly measuring the existing equipment, the right decisions can be made and savings calculated.

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ClimaCheck also offers training and certification of partners to enhance capability and quality of maintenance, inspections and monitoring of refrigeration processes.

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