Climacheck Training Level 1 – Singapore

Date(s) - 02/10/2019
9:00 - 17:00

Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS)

Optimisation and Preventative Maintenance for ACMV Systems

2 October 2019  

Climacheck Training Level 1 – Course Summary

Training starts with a review of the basic thermodynamics required to establish performance factors and then moves into data collection, including what sensors are required and should be applied to minimize uncertainty of results. How to validate data inputs and results are covered.

One goal of the training is to give participants a method to compare operation of a system with design, maintenance instructions and good practice.

A second goal is to make participants aware of the possibility to reduce failure rates, maintenance cost, energy consumption and refrigerant leaks by introducing state of the art M&V methods.

Cooling and Heating systems consume 15-20% of the electricity produced globally. To maintain temperature is critical but maintaining temperature alone is no longer sufficient. Knowing the performance of these systems
is therefore critical in order to make them efficient. With increasing energy costs and focus on global warming, the RAC industry is facing new demands from customers with their major energy use in HVACR equipment and the high maintenance cost often associated with them. 
There is also an increased focus on Measuring and Verification (M&V), as
well as early warning to achieve maximum reliability to reduce loss of perishable goods, production capacity and to avoid bad will with tenants and guests due to failing temperatures

Course Objective

  • Identify what data points that is required to analyze basic HVACR equipment.
  • Apply sensors on correct position and with correct application to get good quality data.
  • Use data collection units to collect pressures, temperatures and electrical measurements.
  • Adjust/configure ranges for basic sensors used.
  • Validate data inputs
  • Select and make basic adaptation of appropriate analyzing “template” to correspond to measured system
  • Validate results such as versus design and/or good practice.
  • Understand and be able to compare performance indicators such as COP, System Efficiency Index, compressor/evaporators/condensers efficiency.
  • Understand interaction of different adjustment parameters in an HVACR system
  • Awareness of the importance of commissioning of controls for each installation

Target Audience
This training is aimed for trained technicians and mechanical/electrical engineers with practical on-field experience with chillers, airconditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems. ESCOs, site engineers, operation engineers/managers/technicians, energy engineers, health and cooling equipment maintenance and servicing personnel.

If you are interested, follow this link for mor information.


You can also contact our distributor nEXERGY if you want to know more about ClimaCheck and how you can work with it in your company!.  



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