Predictive maintenance of HVACR systems will improve your sustainability strategy

When there is a need for heating and/or cooling the air conditioning, refrigeration units and/or heat pumps are the most crucial part of the HVACR systems. In commercial buildings, HVACR systems usually stand for approximately 30-60% of the building’s energy consumption. However, the actual units producing cooling or heating are often overlooked as long as the desired temperature is reached. This often leads to inefficient operations of HVACR systems.

Based on our experience it is possible to save between 10 – 30% by implementing routines for predictive maintenance as well as energy optimisation.

This saving potential is an opportunity to significantly lower the organisation’s environmental impact, and at the same time minimise the risks of system failures. Which will lead to more efficient operations and less loss of valuable goods/products

During the COP26 meeting in Glasgow 2021 it was stated that it is not enough to switch to fossil-free energy production. It is crucial to work more with energy optimisation to reduce the energy usage. Operations of air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pump systems represent a large portion of the energy usage on the planet, and should not be forgotten!

Inefficient operation of air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pump systems

As long as the desired temperature is reached, no one is questioning the performance of these systems. It is common with multiple initiatives to lower energy usage, where many often are focused on a specific part of the system. By overlocking the performance of the chiller or heat pump (since the “temperature/energy” is delivered) it is common with sub-optimisations.

By including performance information from the chillers and/or heat pumps it is possible to see how changes in the whole system are affecting the “energy source”, and optimise them as well. This  optimisation needs to be done, so the system can operate efficiently. 

Predictive maintenance of HVACR systems based on real-time data represents huge savings

Predictive maintenance based on performance analysis of real-time data is a global game-changer when it comes to sustainability, energy optimisation, lowering energy costs, and improving maintenance. In comparison to scheduled (preventive) and reactive maintenance (done after failure), it is based on the condition and wear of the equipment and uses IoT and data analytics.

The guide to an improved sustainability strategy for the real estate industry

We have created a guide to assist your organisation in becoming a net-zero contributor by implementing predictive maintenance.

The guide can be used as inspiration or a checklist for anyone that works with sustainable, economical and/or environmental strategies within the real estate industry or have HVACR-systems within their organisation.

Can you afford not to act? We can help you to start your transition.

Book a meeting with an expert and we will give you guidance on how you can drive the transition based on your current situation. Let us inspire you by showing how our method for efficiently implementing a strategy for predictive maintenance (dDop) can be used for your organisation. We will also help you to define your potential savings in the form of CO2 footprint, energy, and maintenance costs.

Who will benefit from predictive maintenance & energy optimisation?

Who will benefit from predictive maintenance & energy optimisation?

In our customer case, you will learn how different types of real estate owners have implemented a more sustainable business strategy, and at the same time lower the cost by implementing predictive maintenance.

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