ClimaCheck International Training 2021 – Early bird

Like always, we will have our International Training 2021, where we share the latest trends and exchange experiences. 2020 the training was online, and we will set the format, venue, and date as soon as the situation allows for 2021. If you intend to participate you can pre-register so we can keep you informed.

There is no obligation to participate even if you pre-register, however you will get an Early bird discount. We will take the travel possibilities, and preferences of those registered into account when we decide on format and time. Register here: 

To be able to focus better and in light of Level 1 and Level 2 being available regularly as online trainings we will for the future require participants in International training to have minimum Level 1 prior to the International Training to be able to fully focus on experience exchange and enhancing the capabilities of participants with prior experience.

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