ClimaCheck Energy Reports – New service

The ClimaCheck Energy Report gives a comprehensive status of the energy consumption of a plant during a specified period of time, such as a week, month, quarter or year.

The report is generated automatically at the end of the period and presents key graphs in a directly printable format to in one view give equipment owner an understanding of the period’s energy use.

If you want to start the energy report service on ClimaCheck online contact us, keep reading to learn more about the graphs.

The electrical energy distribution graph presents the relative energy consumption of the compressor and the auxiliary loads such as pumps and fans. The graph is helpful to illustrate the effect of the auxiliary loads on the overall energy consumption.

The energy used and generated graph shows the consumed electrical energy by the compressor and the auxiliary units compared to the generated heating and cooling energy. The graph represents the performance of the plant over the report period.

The energy consumed vs predicted graph shows the energy consumption of the plant compared to the predicted energy consumption. The predicted energy consumption is based on historical data of the same plant. This can help to determine the amount of savings after a plant optimization, or to show a degradation of the plant’s performance.

The energy usage per hour shows in detail the actual and predicted energy consumption of the plant as well as the ambient temperature over the report period. The chart shows the effect of the ambient temperature on the energy consumption and the hours where savings are achieved compared to the predicted energy or the hours with excessive energy consumption compared to the predicted energy.

The temperature occurrence shows the number of hours during which a certain ambient temperature has occurred. It is helpful to take this into account when comparing the energy consumption and performance of a system for two different periods or when comparing the performance of two systems in different locations.

The energy consumption at different ambient temperature shows the consumed electrical and generated heating/cooling energy for each ambient temperature that occurred during the report period. The graph helps in localizing the temperatures where most energy is used and where the optimization should be focused on.

The average COP during the report period shows the cooling and heating COP with and without the effect of the auxiliary loads.

The COP at each occurring ambient temperature shows a more detailed report of the heating and cooling COP, averaged per degree temperature occurred during the report period.


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