Evaluation Partners

ClimaCheck evaluation partners provides analysis and reports for commissioning, troubleshooting, and energy optimisation for equipment users / owners. The partner has competence to interpret the results and use the information to evaluate the energy efficiency and reliability of installations and the potential savings to be found. Certified evaluation partner has staff certified by ClimaCheck for level 1 and 2 and appropriate ClimaCheck equipment for offered services.


  • Training level I+II
  • Bought PA Pro
  • Experience of using ClimaCheck PA Pro
  • Yearly skills verification
  • Yearly renewal of support agreement
  • Link to ClimaCheck on website


  • Inspection program templates
    (level + / ++)
  • Support
  • Training
  • Leads generation
  • Listed on ClimaCheck web


  • Inspectors
  • Commissioning engineers
  • Energy optimising engineers
  • Performance contractors/ESCO

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